Why We’re Finally Pulling the Plug…

pulling the plug

We’re joining the masses and finally pulling the plug on cable. We’ve been thinking about it for the past year now, so I finally mustered up the courage and cancelled our cable subscription (even though I was secretly hoping the nice woman at the cable company would offer us a deal we couldn’t refuse).

No, no, we’re not going off the grid and getting rid of our televisions and computers. Let’s not be ridiculous. We’re just going to be a little more selective about our screen time. A girl still needs her streaming episodes of Inside Amy Schumer and Netflix for the kiddos when she’s exhausted all other options. My hope is that without cable we’ll be more deliberate about what we watch, have a little extra cash in our pockets and save some precious brain cells.

Even as I sit here and write this, Young and the Restless is on in the background just for filler noise (the kids are at gymnastics). I don’t even watch soap operas any more and if I did, I’d watch Days of our Lives. So, with summer fast approaching, I figure now is the best time to do it. Besides, I’m ready to slather up my monkeys in sunscreen, carry my greasy toddler (with my daughter in tow) to the splash park along with an arsenal full of snacks, towels and water toys from the Dollar Store. I’m ready to send my kids out to explore our bountiful backyard with sticks and dirt and wash the filth off their tiny bodies at night. To go berry picking in the sultry heat and bandage up scraped knees with a kiss and Hello Kitty Band-Aid. All the things of a summer well-spent. In theory, it all sounds so magical. Let’s hope it pans out to be half as wonderful.:)

So here is how we made this monumental decision to get rid of cable:

1. Research (on-line, ask friends, etc…)

2. Procrastinate

3. Make a pros/cons list

4. Procrastinate some more…

5. Begrudgingly go to Best Buy and purchase a Roku Streaming Stick or whichever set-top box/streaming device you’re keen on

6. Buy a universal antenna like this one so that you can get national channels: Amplified HDTV Antenna

7. Take the plunge

Here is our plan of attack:

1. Add Hulu Plus: $7.99/month

2. Add HBO GO/Now (when it comes to Roku; please let that be soon): $14.99/month

Streaming services we’re considering:

-Amazon Prime: $99/year

Here is what we currently pay for cable, internet and a landline (I’m old fashioned like that): $152.87 per month through Frontier Communications. Plus: $7.99 for Netflix for a total of $160.86.

What we’re estimating to pay for internet (decent bandwidth for non-gamers) and a landline: $59.99 (plus $10 dollars or so in taxes) for a total of roughly $70 per month through Frontier Communications.

After adding Hulu and HBO (and keeping Netflix), we’ll be paying $101.97. So, after all is said and done we’ll be saving a grand total of $58.89.

Have questions, suggestions, HBO passwords? I’d love to hear them.:)

Happy Friday!




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  1. thanks so much for this post I think you probably read the answers i got when i asked this very question last week on fb. think i will pay a visit to best buy and get some more college students input….i am ready to switch over also….. just got to find a way for minor to watch sports.

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