Welcome to our blog! We are beyond thrilled that you found our virtual corner on the internet! We’re the Churchill family; well to be exact I’m Shannon, the lumberjack-chic guy in the photo is my husband Adam, and the two meatballs in-hand are our kiddos. We’re you’re average, everyday family who live a little on the unconventional side. I digress, let me explain… My husband Adam is a tug-boat captain and his schedule is as such: gone from home for a week and home for a week. You could say working behind a desk just wasn’t in his wheelhouse. Outside of being a true family man, he’s got a passion for anything DIY, golf and his beloved 1967 Land Rover. And did I mention he plays a true life Mr. Roper (without the ascot and leisure suit mind you) managing our two four-plexes that we own and rent-out? He is a regular jack-of-all-trades and master of well, some.

Christmas photo 2014

As for myself, I previously worked in social services, but now I’m a full-fledged stay-at-home household-managing, booger-wiping, kid-carting mama. When I’m not trying to entertain our kiddos and second guessing my parenting decisions, I have a love for home décor, DIY projects, venting about the two little people I love more than anything, reading, and traveling when time allows. I also help manage our rental properties. I am a huge enthusiast for garage sales, flea markets, Craigslist and repurposing. And I would be remiss to fail to mention that my hour at the gym with my beloved ipod a couple times a week, binge-watching Netflix, wine and good coffee all help keep me from tetering on the edge of sanity.


We also have a patient Pug named Ellie, who makes Ewok-like noises and has been known to wear to my daughter’s tiaras around the house. Her favorite activities include sleeping and acting as a furry vacuum during meal times with our little ones.

The inspiration to finally start a blog happened rather organically. Honestly, we’ve thought about it for quite some time, but our private, introverted alter egos always got the better of us. Not to mention the time factor. As if we need more excuses to leave the dirty dishes sitting in the sink, the clean clothes waiting to be folded in the dryer and the graham cracker crumbs sitting on the floor. So as we enter the twilight years of our 30s, we’re finally giving it a go.

We’re here to document our own family projects from home décor to Land Rover endeavors, to mommy rants… to everything in between. Hopefully in the process we can inspire our readers to channel their inner DIY persona. If nothing else, critique our craftiness, laugh at our adventures (and misadventures), and relate to a day in the life at the Churchill DIY Mill.

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