No-Sew Roman Shades

So, me and the sewing machine have this love/hate relationship. We can do some amazing things us two, but every time I start to gain a little bit of confidence, it puts me right back in my amateur place. Needless to say, if I can do a project without it, I’m ecstatic. These no-sew roman shades are right up my alley!

roman shade done

What you need (for two shades):

roman shade 1


roman shade 2

-Fabric (ideally home decor weight)

-Fabric lining

-Adhesive for fabric (I used Aleene’s Tacky spray from JoAnn Fabric)

-2 Roman shade kits (I bought mine at JoAnn Fabric and it includes 11 yards of Roman shade tape, 11 yards of drapery cord, 3 L brackets, 3 screw eyes, 14 screws and 1 cord cleat)

-10 (qty) 1/4- inch wood dowels (cut according to the shade width)

-Electric stapler

-2 (qty) 2×2 pieces of wood cut according to the width of your shade

-1 upholstery needle

Here’s how:

1. Measure your window space.

2. Cut your 2×2 piece of wood according to your window measurements.

3. Cut your fabric accordingly, making sure to leave 1 1/2 inches on either side and the bottom. If you plan to make a flap on the top, allow yourself 8 extra inches.

4. Iron your fabric.

5. Using your adhesive, glue your fabric and fabric backing together. I did this on the ironing board (I covered the board beforehand to protect it) by gluing one small piece at a time and smoothing it out by hand.

roman shade 3

6. Trim any uneven edges.

7. Fold over the two sides and bottom by roughly 1/2 of an inch and glue. Make sure to crease the edges well and allow adequate time to dry. Iron your shades again.

roman shade 4

8. Now you’re ready for the roman shade tape. Cut the tape according to the width of your shade (cut it about 1 inch shorter than the width). Adhere the tape to the back of your fabric spacing them approximately 6 inches between one another and leaving roughly 10 inches at the top. Let dry. When dry,  place your wood dowels inside the opening of the roman shade tape.

roman shade 6

9. Using your 2×2 piece of wood that is cut to the size of the window frame, staple the shade to the top side of the wood (so that you cannot see it). If you want the fabric flap, pull your material up 6 inches or so and staple it to the face of the 2×2.

Roman shade 7

10. Place three small screw eyes on the back of your 2×2.

roman shade 8

11. Now, on to the blind cord… Pull the first blind cord through all three screw eyes.

12. Using your upholstery needle, pull the cord evenly through each Roman shade tape piece. On the last strip of Roman shade tape, triple knot the cord. Then cut the blind cord a foot below the end of the material.

roman shade 9

13. Next, pull the blind cord through two screw eyes (do not pull it through the one that you tied off at the end of the shade) and repeat the above step (using your upholstery needle, pull cord through the Roman shade tape). Triple knot the cord at the end of your shade, then cut it a foot below the end of the shade.

14. Pull the blind cord through the last screw eye and repeat above steps.

15. Now you’re ready to mount the shade to your window.:) Secure L brackets on either side of your window frame using your drill. Screw your 2×2 (with your shade on it) to either side of the brackets.

16. Pull the shade to your desired length and tie the cord to the cleat. Enjoy!

Wanna make it even easier? You can make these guys with an old pair of vertical blinds too. I really like this video tutorial from Jen over at withHeart.

Click here for the video.

roman shade done

roman shade vertical 2

roman shade 10

roman shade finished

Roman shade Feature final


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  1. Your new shades look fabulous. Now, I can’t wait to see them (AND ALL OF YOU) in person. LL

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