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It’s that time again! Time for the Home Depot monthly gift challenge. And I gotta say I’m having more fun with this little endeavor than I ever thought I would. Not only does it encourage me to think outside the box, I have the chance to collaborate with a bunch of amazing, creative bloggers.

This month’s Home Depot item: pegboard and the gift recipient: any family member. Oh, the possibilities… So Adam and I put our creative thinking caps on and made matching nightstands for OURSELVES and our bedroom. One more step towards glorious adulthood.:) Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out how to wrap it before leaving on vacation.

Here’s what we came up with:

Nightstand feature
Nightstand black 2

Nightstand barn

nightstand barn 3

nightstand new berg 2

nightstand new berg

And as embarrassing as it is to admit, I took our little nightstands on a photo shoot (practice, practice, practice). Some people have traveling garden gnomes, I have traveling nightstands.:)

I have a pretty lengthy tutorial below if you’re interested. If not, make sure to scroll down to the bottom and checkout the other awesome pegboard creations. So much inspiration!

What you need:

-1 4×8 sheet of plywood (3/4 inch thick)

-Circular (Skillsaw) saw

-Table saw

-Pneumatic nail gun and nails

-Wood glue

-Wood putty

-Saw horses (2)

-Strap clamps (not entirely necessary, but this made the assembly process a whole lot easier)

-Safety glasses

-Ear muffs (because safety is serious business people)

-Hole saw (5/8 inch)

-Drill and screws

-Paint and supplies

-Closet door fingeer pulls (4 total)

Here’s how:

*Note: I really wish I had Photoshop so I could make a proper schematic for you, but for now this will have to do. I’m working on it.:)

Our dimensions: 14 inches height x 26 inches wide x 15 inches depth (our hairpin legs are 15 inches for a total of 29 inches in height).

-Place your wood on top of your saw horses making sure it is stable.

-Using your circular saw, cut two strips out of your plywood 16 x 96 inches. This gave us room to fine tune our cuts with our table saw.

nightstand saw

-With your circular saw cut one strip into 4 pieces. Cut 2 pieces 28 inches long and the other two pieces 16 inches long. Again, this gave us a little wiggle room.


*Now you have the four sides of the nightstand.

-Onto the table saw! Set your blade at a 45 degree angle and your fence to 14 inches (because the mitered cut will add 3/4 of an inch) in order to begin making the sides of the nightstand. Run the top and bottom of each side through the saw. Set these aside for now.


*Tip: always double check the fence measurements on your table saw with a tape measure.

-For the top and bottom of the nightstand, keep your blade at 45 degrees and set the fence of your table saw to 25 inches. Run the top and bottom of each side carefully through the saw.

-Now, to fine tune the depth. Set your table saw blade at 90 degrees and your fence at 14 3/4 inches. Run the two sides and the bottom of your stand through the saw.

-For the top of the stand, set the fence at 15 inches and make the cut. We made the top of the stand 1/4 inch bigger so that the back cover of the stand will be concealed.

*Making the grooves in the wood for the sliding doors*

First Groove:

-Using your table saw, set the fence to 1/2 inch to ensure the doors are recessed. This will be the groove for the front door.

nightstand table saw

-Set the depth of your blade to 3/8.

-Run all four of the pieces of wood through the saw. Because we don’t have a Dado blade (I’m too cheap to spend $100 dollars on a saw blade to my husband’s dismay:), we had to make multiple passes through the saw to create the grooves for the doors to slide in. We ran each side of the nightstands through the saw a total of three times. Each time, we increased the fence the width of the blade (1/16 of an inch).

Second Groove:

-For the second groove, set the fence at 1 inch and repeat the above process.

nightstand groove

nightstand pegboard groove

*Making the pegboard doors*

-Using your strap clamps, put all the pieces together and clamp the box together (DO NOT GLUE YET).

nightstand bessy

-Make sure your mitered cuts fit and your door grooves line up. Remember the the top will be a 1/4 inch deeper for the backing. Also check to make sure the stand is square.

-Measure the inside height of your box and add 1/2 of an inch to keep it in the groove.

-For the width of the doors, measure the inside width of the box and add 1 1/2 inches.

*Note: this makes the pegboard sliding doors 13 1/2 inches wide by 13 7/8 tall.

-Using your table saw, set your fence at 13 1/2 inches and make the cuts. Then set your fence at 13 7/8 inches and make the remaining cuts.

-Loosen the clamps, put your doors in and tighten the clamps again. Your doors should move freely in the grooves.

*Securing the Stand*

-Loosen the clamps, remove the doors and apply a thin layer of wood glue to your mitered edges.

nightstand wood glue

-Re-clamp your box, making sure you put the doors back in. Don’t forget to line up your mitered edges.

-Using your pneumatic nailer (16 gauge and 1 1/2 inch nails), nail the sides of all the edges.

nightstand nails

-Let the box dry for 24 hours.

-Once dry, putty your nail holes and any imperfections. Let it dry.

*Putting the finger pulls in*

-Using your 5/8 inch hole saw, make holes in each corner of the doors.

-Put a dab of wood glue on your finger pulls and place them in the holes.

*Back Cover*

-Place a piece of pegboard on the back of your nightstand that corresponds to the dimension and nail it in place.




*Hairpin legs*

-Mount the legs on bottom of the box with the brackets using your screws and your drill.

*Modpodge your fine paper to the inside of your nightstands*

nightstand marble paper

And voila!

nightstand new berg
Nightstand feature

Nightstand barn

Be sure to check out some of the other amazing pegboard projects too! All this creativity is so contagious.:)



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30 Responses to Home Depot Monthly Gift Challenge

  1. Ok, you blew me away with this one! Amazing! I was thinking, you could also use this as a TV stand, it would be perfect to hide the cable box & the remote would still work through the peg board!
    Roxanne recently posted…Peg Board Spice RackMy Profile

  2. This is totally something I would make!! Although I may not chose such wild paper for the inside, lol. I love it though!! Turned out beautifully! Also… If I had the time, I would probably take most projects on a photography road trip 😉
    Lindi recently posted…Peg Board Desk OrganizerMy Profile

  3. This is the most amazing nightstand, I need one! Such a great and unique idea! I’ve included your post in my Five on Friday roundup today. Have a wonderful weekend :)
    Emily recently posted…Five on FridayMy Profile

  4. Hi! This is incredible! So modern /retro /funky / amazing!!
    One question….where r the hairpin legs from? Anyone with any tips of where to find some not so expensive ones, plz share! Thanks! :)

    • Thanks so much Suzie! So glad you like them.:) My husband, the jack of all trades, actually made them and then spray painted them. I would try Etsy; they seem to have a good selection. I would also look for raw steel (as opposed to powder coated and/or painted) since those tend to be a little cheaper. I’ve also heard good things about hairpinlegsforless.com. Good luck with your project!!

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