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Hello loyal peeps (I’m hoping that includes more than just my mom and mother-in-law)!

I’ve teamed up with a bunch of talented blogger friends for a monthly Home Depot gift challenge. They’re all creative geniuses, so check some of their craftiness out. Honestly, I’m a bit intimidated, but this is the year I embrace my fears and ‘let it go.’  Here goes…

**The challenge is not sponsored in any way by Home Depot.**

Clipboard done 2

New graphic


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Our mission was to make a gift for our Valentine using this copper tee from Home Depot:

clipboard T

We were able to use any size and as many as we wanted to. We could also add as many accessories as needed to help make our project. The last requirement; the gift has to be wrapped using one item from Home Depot.

My vision: a copper pipe clipboard. With the help of a kind neighbor, we were able to make this dream a reality. My hubby, Adam, is the king of clipboards and notes, so I thought I’d add a little style to his love of organizing.

clipboard mock up

Here’s what you need:

clipboard 1

-1 clipboard (I bought mine at Staples)

-Drill and corresponding bit

-Machine screw (same size as hinge pin on standard clipboard):

-Two 1/2 inch copper tee fittings

-Two 1/2 inch copper elbows

-Four 1/2 copper caps

-1 foot of 1/2 inch copper pipe

-Tape measure (not pictured)

-Tubing cutter

-Propane torch

-Solder (and flux paste)

-Pliers (not pictured)

-Tin snippers (not pictured)

-Hack saw (not pictured)

-Copper spray paint (not pictured)

*Note: I wanted to try a strong crafting glue to adhere the tubing pieces together, but my neighbor assured me that I wouldn’t be disappointed with soldering. Perhaps next time I’ll try the glue. I’ve heard good things about JB Weld.

Here’s how:

Dismantle your clipboard first:

1. Disassemble the top part of the clamping mechanism by cutting the ends of the hinge pin with a hack saw. Pull the pin out.

clipboard hinge pin

Making the copper clamp:

2. Cut your 1/2 inch copper pipe into four 1 inch pieces, two 1 3/4 inch pieces and one 1 1/4 inch piece.

clipboard pipe cutting

*Note: This is a picture of all the copper items (the piping has been cut here below):

clipboard all copper pieces

3. Solder (or glue) a cap and an elbow together using your 1 inch pipe (insert the 1 inch pipe into the tee and the cap). Repeat. This will become the bottom part that holds your notes. See picture below (sorry, I couldn’t get a lot of soldering pics).

4. Solder (or glue) a cap to either side of a copper tee by inserting the 1 inch pipe in the tee and the cap. This will be the top part.

5. Solder (or glue) your two copper tees together using your 1 1/4 inch pipe (insert pipe into either end).

clipboard solder

Now to make your tabs to connect to the hinge:

Hang in there! You’re doing great.:)

6. Cut a 1 inch long by 3/8 of an inch wide tab out of your 1 3/4 inch pipe using your tin snippers. Repeat.

clipboard sharpie

clipboard snipper

7. Pull the tab from the pipe to a 90 degree angle and flatten with a pair of pliers.

clipboard pliers

*Note: You may also need to straighten the cut end of the pipe back to a circular shape.

8. Drill 1/8 inch hole on either side of your tab, 5/8 of an inch down.

clipboard tab writing

9. Solder (or glue) the copper tee and elbow together with your tabbed pipe. Repeat on other side.

*Note: Ensure cut end of pipe is in the elbow and that the tab is 90 degrees to the tee and the elbow.

10. Reassemble clipping mechanism using the machine screw making sure that the spring is in the original position. Secure it with a nut on the end of the screw.

clipboard clamp

11. Spray paint the copper parts of your clipboard using your copper spray paint (make sure to tape off the board).

Phew! I really stretched my brain out on that one, but I’m hoping my Valentine will be pleased.

The end result:

Clipboard feature

clipboard done 4clipboard done 3Clipboard feature 2

All wrapped up using old sea charts and twine from none other than Home Depot (just the twine).:)

clipboard wrapped


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    • Thanks Amy!! So glad you liked it! I’ve been working on my photography skills, so pinning is the best compliment I could ask for.:) Really loved your laptop table; told the hubs I needed one of those.:)

    • Thanks, Emily!! My husband has an infinite about of tools (he was really pleased by your comment too:)), so I thought why not safely borrow it? Definitely some trial and error, but fun and not too shabby in the end. Love, love, love your magazine rack, especially with the weathered wood look. You did an amazing job!

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