Past projects

Here are a few of our past adventures in DIYing. We’ll be the first to admit, we could have documented these babies WAY better. Moving forward, we pinky swear and cross our hearts to take more pictures even if it means we have to sleep with our camera by our bedside. Like this blog, we’re evolving. So stay tuned, we’re bound to improve.:)


kitchen after 1

title bkg

 Becca & Eric’s Kitchen Facelift


title bkg

Beam Me Up Scotty/Faux Beam

As you may or may not have gathered by now, I’m pretty in-love with the look of weathered wood. I wanted to tie in our barn wood kitchen island with an exposed wood beam without having to get a second job (I might be exaggerating a bit, but those bad boys are expensive). So, we headed down to our local salvage yard and picked out old wood boards for around $100 dollars. We constructed most of the ‘faux beam’ in the garage using wood glue and nails and then attached it to the existing beam (using nails), which was small with drywall and texture covering it. We attached the rest of the wood and added the steel belts to give it a little more character.

faux beam 1      faux beam 2      faux beam 3

title bkg

Lemonade Stand

Summer just wouldn’t be complete without lemonade, right? So last summer, we set-out to turn our 4 year-old daughter into a little entrepreneur. She drank a lot of her product, but had a blast in the process.:)

lemonade stand 1 lemonade stand 3

title bkg

Odds and Ends around the House

Built-In in the Guestroom

Fireplace 1
Tiled Fireplace

book bench 1
Lucia’s Book Bench


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