DIY Geometric Tile Coasters and Pink Lemonade Spritzer

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Hello again!! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little while. I’ve been busy trying to find middle ground and I’ve failed miserably.:) Summer is in full swing here and I’ve got a quick and fun project to share along with my recipe for my summer cocktail of choice. A couple of years ago we gave our kitchen a facelift and installed Dwell tiles from Heath Ceramics as our backsplash. Apparently, we overestimated the quantity we needed, so I’ve been coming up with different ways to repurpose them.

Here’s our kitchen backsplash:

coaster kitchen

And our tile coasters:

coaster 4

What you need for the coasters:

-Ceramic tile (Here’s a few options from Home Depot too: diamond silver glass tile diamond multi-color slate, and diamond crackle in blue). *Note: you do need to order these, but the lead time is 1-2 weeks. Also, these tiles come with mesh backing so you will need to separate them.

-Flat (thick) cork board (I bought mine at Michaels)

-Glue gun and glue

-Box cutter (not pictured)

-Black Sharpie (or the color of your choice–not pictured)

coaster 5

Here’s how:

1. Arrange your tiles to your liking on the cork board.

*note: I didn’t end up using the star pattern because it wasn’t sturdy enough as a coaster.

coaster 7

2. Using your hot glue gun, apply a generous amount of glue on the back of the tiles and arrange them accordingly. Let dry for 10 minutes.

coaster 8

3. Cut along the edge of your glued tiles using your box cutter (I used an old piece of wood underneath the cork so that I wouldn’t cut our counters).

coaster box cutter

4. Use your Sharpie along the inner edges of the tiles.

coaster sharpie

And that’s it!

coaster 3

coaster 1

coaster 2

coaster 6

Now for that delicious adult beverage to go on top of your coaster (simple, but oh so tasty):

-2 ounces pink lemonade

-2 ounces sparkling water (I like La Croix orange flavored)

-1 ounce vodka of your choice

Garnish with one sprig of mint and a few raspberries.

Cheers to summer, refreshing beverages and the lovely, yet elusive pursuit of middle ground.

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